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Last week, the last of school holidays here in Sunny Queensland, we took an eruption of kids to the zoo. It was a great day – albeit overcast and a little rainy at times. (Note to weather gods; please see first sentence which gives Queensland its proper title. Please adjust weather accordingly!)

Anyway, the zoo we went to was Australia Zoo, started by Bob Irwin in the 1970s , made world famous by his son Steve and now run by Steve’s widow, Terri, with help from kids Bindi and Robert.

It was a lovely day with the five kids wee had with us at times sounding like fifty and at other times quietly looking on in awe at the beautiful animals. Yes, they are caged, and yes, it would be better if they were not. But it does give one an appreciation for their mere eexistance and if one animal in captivity can raise enough awareness to save hundreds in the wild, maybe that is a good thing.

Enough rambling. Today’s photo is over here. As a teaser, here is a photo of his/her room-mate at the zoo. Let me know what you think.