There was once a show on television called “The Good Life”. It was about a couple who tried desperately to simplify their lives through doing all the things they had always said they would. In the end, their lives were possibly more hectic than before – if not calamitous. I have been (in no particular order) a journalist, an IT software/hardware engineer, a project manager, a bar owner, a business manager, a company director, a regional manager, a petrol station attendant and a menswear sales person. I have lived in Australia, The Philippines, Singapore, and very briefly in Thailand.

I now find myself in an exciting situation of being a generalist in a world of specialists. But that is good. I work from home where we have chickens, ducks, snakes and assorted transient wildlife. I am slowly finishing a kit home which we have been building forever and trying to find things which will keep me away from the much-needed painting (I hate painting). Every now and then I do some business either mentoring, working in the communications field, training or just general business advisory.

I am truly living the good life – and have never been as busy.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your writing Bruce! Have only just happened upon this today, but will try and follow you when I can! Much love to all of you, Sherry xx

    • Thanks Sherry. There is a link on the right hand pane (Follow this blog via e-mail) that you can sign-up for. Then, by some magic, when I post it appears in your e-mail. I think it is controlled by Haitians and chickens – or something like that.

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