A pirates loo

About 2800 years ago King Minos of Crete had the first flushing toilet. The Han dynasty in China got theirs somewhere between 206BC and 24CE according to the people who found one in the ruins of an emperor’s tomb. (Why the emperor had a loo in his tomb is anyone’s guess.) Things got good for the little room, especially after Joseph Gayetty patented his Gayetty’s Medicated Paper in 1856.

We finally got smart and worked out that not all loo-goers are created equal and public toilets with accessibility features now adorn most areas. Now, the good people at Kawana in the Queensland Sunshine Coast have gone one step further.

Obviously this public toilet has been built for pirates. The one leg gives it away. Okay, admittedly the parrot has been left off but that could just be an oversight. Interestingly, the figures on the toilet sign are moulded and raised so it is not simply a case of vandals removing a limb.

Well done Kawana for understanding that even pirates must take a whizz. Pretty sure the Braille reads “Here be toilets”.

2 thoughts on “A pirates loo”

  1. They could be Irish dancers”

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