An unremarkable photo

I didn’t think this photo is particularly good so I started to play with some different cropping. Trying to keep my “straight from camera to you” approach means that I didn’t change any colours, sharpness, blur, contrast etc. (Maybe I should have)

So, I would be interested in thoughts. Do you have a preferred crop or should I just recycle all the pixels and try again with some other subject?

Original picture

The crops

Crop two (crop one is the feature at the top of the page)

Crop three

Crop four


3 thoughts on “An unremarkable photo”

  1. juliekru said:

    ha ha, Hi Bruce, you make me laugh….they are all good …depends on what you want from them. Crop one morphing into an infinity distance…..

    • G’day Doobes. Well, if nothing else, taking a photo and making one person laugh/smile means that it has all been worth while. Check out while I try going to infinity and beyond.

      • I’ll tell you what else made me smile, is finding a mention of you through Linkedin in my inbox and following the crumbs to here. You always were generous of spirit – nice to see your photos and blog reflecting that. Very refreshing.

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