Crawley Edge Boatshed

This boatshed is on the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia. The text on the plaque at the start of the jetty reads*:

“Crawley Edge Boatshed”
The boatshed is thought to have been originally constructed in the early 1830s.

In 1944 the property situated behind was purchased from Ivy French by Dr Roland and Joyce Nattrass as a site for the family home. At the time real estate agent Richard Noble insisted the boatshed had to be purchased with the block of land, for the additional payment of 5 pounds.

The boatshed remained in the Nattrass family until 1972 when Roland Nattrass gave it to the Perth Sea Scouts patron, Ron Armstrong. A new and slightly larger boatshed was built around the original boatshed.

In the 1990s ownership passed to barry Krollman a keen sailor from the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

In early 2001 the boatshed was put up for sale and was purchased by Perth Lord Mayor Peter Nattrass, son of Roland Nattrass, At the time it was extensively renovated by his sons Tom and Nick Nattrass.

On 6th February 2004 th enewly refurbished “Crawley Edge” boatshed was re-launched by triple solo-circumnavigator of the world Jon Sanders and single solo-circumnvaigator David Dicks.

After many years the boat shed continues to be a prominent landmark of the Swan River.

* Spelling andd punctuation is as it appears on the plaque.

Here  is another version of the same subject. I can’t decide which one I like better.

4 thoughts on “Crawley Edge Boatshed”

  1. Photo idea thief! Not sure which one I like better either….. I think I can add some sort of blog link each Friday so we can link our photo blogs…will look into it 🙂

  2. Thank you for this information. Any chance you know the contact details for the owner?

  3. Thank you.

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